Fishes Used for Consumption


Globally, trillions of fishes are killed for consumption each year. This includes about one to three trillion wild-caught fishes and 37 to 120 billion farmed-raised fishes.

This number does not include:

  • The number of fishes caught illegally,
  • Fishes killed as bycatch and discarded,
  • Fishes who escape from nets and die later,
  • Fishes killed accidentally by lost fishing equipment (ghostfishing),
  • Fishes who will be used as live bait,
  • Or fishes killed for sport.

Fishes feel pain and suffer like other animals. Similarly to land animals who are killed for food, fish are abused and suffer painful deaths.

how Fishes are used

Most fishes are eaten by humans or used in products such as fish oil, protein supplements, or gelatin. Fish byproducts, such as fishmeal, are fed to farmed fishes or land animals raised for consumption.

the solution

We need a better, more just, food system that is not built on the suffering of sentient animals.